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Cashless payment system by WiseOrder

What is WiseOrder paycard system?

WiseOrder is a cashless payment system, which is user friendly for both the organizer and the customer. It is meant as a payment method used in bars, clubs, festivals, arenas, stadiums and other different types of events. The use of WiseOrder is especially convenient for events/festivals with large number of attendees, as it speeds up the payment procedures and consequently shortens the waiting lines. The system uses NFC technology.
It consists of two separate applications, WiseOrder Cashier and WiseOrder Event.
The two applications are uploaded on a tablet or a touch screen computer which is then used as a cashier. A customer receives a card/wristband/android app/etc., which is used via NFC chip as a payment method.

There are a number of possibilities available with the WiseOrder payment!

For example eco-friendly garbage and/or cup deposit, which help to keep the environment, where the event is taking place, clean and therefore also cut the cleaning expenses for the organizer.
The system is easily modified so that it meets the organizer’s needs…card deposit, garbage deposit, cup deposit, min. top up, max. top-up, entrance restrictions, …
The income is transparent throughout the event and it can be monitored by the organizer for each cashier or all the cashiers together.

WiseOrder system

WiseOrder profit sharing

Because of the transparency there are possible new ways of cooperation between stakeholders.

Optional use of WiseOrder

System fee / commission
Deposit (card fee)
Cup deposit
Garbage deposit
Access control/Ticketing
Connection to social networks

What‘s in it for promotor?

Inflow occurs prior to the actual purchase of sale.
Control of all the outlets on-line and better management of material and financial flow during event.
Withdrawal of cash from sales outlets.
Optimized sales process and, consequently, higher traffic volume by up to 30%.
Pricing is not tied to coupon units.

Promoter determines the manner of the introduction of the paycard system, card design, business rules, the system fee and any other requirements relating to the card (packaging, cup deposit, garbage deposit, wardrobe, guest-accounts etc.). Communication between devices and cards goes via NFC chip, it is totally reliable and safe, the chip itself bears no information of the status of funds.

WiseOrder system

What‘s in it for visitor ?

No more waiting lines.
Simple payment at the event and a nice souvenir at the end of it.
The remaining funds on the card are returned to the user.
The user experience is improved at the event, as it is not burdened with counting change.
It is always possible to overview the history of purchases.

Guest may receive a paycard with a NFC chip in several ways: by creating account on the web, at point of sale or at the event itself. The card is used for payment at the event, charging can take place at designated locations or through cash-machine and the remaining funds on the card are returned to the user. The user experience is improved at the event, as it is not burdened with counting change or waiting lines.

WiseOrder technical requirements

Power source
Internet connection
Server room with AC and under security measures
Cloud option
Working place for production office.
All other equipment, including devices on selling points, is provided by WiseOrder team.

Organizer/promoter of the event provides information about

Cards (number, design, serial number, use of web accounts, ...).
Number of planned workstations.
Naming locations and workstations.
Site map & security measures during non-working time.
All about pricing policy (price lists, system fee, ...).
Dates & times (start and end of production, working schedule).